Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey! Back on Blogspot =)

Yeah; So here I am back on Blogspot! I made one because my mommy is always on hers so I decided to make one because it looked pretty fun :). Hehe bbbb !
So yeah! My life is going super amazing now! My family && I are really starting to get close again, from when I was being stupid and making bad decisions.. But now they're trusting me a lot more and it's just a really great feeling!
And I'm feeling better because I am making better decisions with the friends that I have/make. Because I hate getting into trouble for THEIR dumbass mistakes. And I am glad for the good friends that I have <33.
Also.. I have an AMAZING boyfriend whom I love so so incredibly much, he makes my heart beat 10 times faster. He treats me so well and I wouldn't want to be with ANYONE ELSE! I love him so much! && I really miss him :( He's in Chicago!!
Well.. Yeah!! I'll try and get on more!! :).

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